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About the Institute

     Synergy Institute of Leadership was founded in 2008.  The Institute is dedicated to provide training for leaderships that serve churches with true Pentecostal beliefs, by offering courses and programs at various levels.  Asides from courses on general leadership trainings for disciples in Christ, we offer a Bachelor of Theology program, a Master of Pentecostal Studies program, a Master of Divinity program, and a Doctor of Ministry program, which is offered jointly with Andrew University in California and is recognized by the California Department of Education. 
      A major focus of the Institute is to encourage students to develop and pursue their anointing by the Holy Spirit, their spiritual growth, as well as their ministry life in Christ.  We hope to equip our students with the power of the Spirit in their ministry and to encourage them to become a generation who seek for the revival of the Spirit in their lives – so to yield the fruits of the Spirit and Kingdom in their ministry.  We expect our students to be the channels and instruments of God; and through them the Holy Spirit may bring His power into their lives, as well as into their church and ministry, and also into their academic research.
      When the Institute was first founded, the faculty members of the Institute include Rev. Dr. Robert C. K. Yeung (president), Rev. Peter H. Y. Ho (vice president), Rev. Dr. Sam S. S. Chung, and Rev. Dr. Timothy T. Y. Yeung (who was later elected as the Dean of the Institute by the faculty).  As the Institute expanded in 2009, Rev. Michele M. Y. Yeung joined the Institute to become the director of the Register Office.  Dr. Connie H. H. Au became the director of the Center for Pentecostalism Studies, and both Rev. Dr. Winifred W. Y. Yeung and Rev. Sally K. M. Cheung are now members of the faculty.  In addition, both Dr. Robert P. Menzies (an established scholar of Pentecostalism) and Rev. Dr. Aaron Chuang, who had been the Dean of Assemblies of God School of Theology in Taiwan, are visiting professors of the Institute.